Visiting the TU Delft ChemLab

Today is the day we will visit the TU Delft ChemLab to test different types of fluids using fluorescence spectrometry. We are eager to find out what the difference is between our “amateuristic” spectrometer and a professional one. Since we will be using fluorescence spectrometry, our sample choice is limited. We have to make sure that the fluids we will be testing are fluorescent. Primarily, we will be looking at different types of oil, like sunflower oil and olive oil. But we are also curious what kind of results other types of fluids will give us. The fluids we are thinking about are; Beer, wine, soft drinks and cleaning supplies.

Our goal is to test as much fluids as possible in the limited time that we have in the lab. We also want to test the same samples with our own spectrometer.

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