The final two prototypes

We are nearing our deadline so we spent most of today, Monday the 27th, working on our final prototype. Our last prototype consisted of a handmade wooden box without integrated webcam.  Last week we already laser cut the same design that was previously handmade. This already increased the strength and precision of the spectrometer.

IMAG1884 IMAG1885 IMAG1886

The prototype was good but we still wanted to integrated the webcam into the case, so we designed a case that has room for one.

IMAG1880IMAG1879 IMAG1878

The final prototype is laser cut from a 6mm thick piece of MDF. The case has the same properties as the previous versions, but in addition, it has room for our webcam, two pieces of wood that wedge the webcam in place and a small hole for the webcam’s cable to exit.

Laser cutting the prototype had several advantages; the design is more accurate, the process is much faster than making it manually and it even looks better. In addition to these advantages the design only costs about €4,00. Half of that being the material costs and the other half being the machining costs.  The only thing that could be added is a way to integrate the piece of DVD that splits up the light.

Of course the design could be improved, but that is something for a next group of students to explore.

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