The Science Fair

Tuesday the 28th, a science fair was held to conclude all projects. Below is an image of our table setup. Spectrometrie Stand
On the table the following things were displayed;
– A poster shown as on the image below.
– A test setup meant for smartphones.
– A test setup connected to the laptop showing live spectra.
– 15 different kinds of fluids that could be live tested.
– A total of 5 prototypes.
– A laptop showing our weblog and the results of our afternoon in the ChemLab.


Our project received positive feedback, as well as critical questions and useful tips.

Below several images of other projects are shown. To get more info on these projects, follow the links on the bottom of this page.
Baritone saxophone stand Metal print stand Verf stand Groot printen stand 2 Groot Printen Stand  Robot stand

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